Best Start Locations in PUBG Mobile PC {Pubg Erangel locations}

It is very good to randomize the flight path to land, in view there is no such a best defined place to start PUBG Mobile. It is just help you to loot a handsome amount of weapons and other options if you land on a best place. You should know the fastest way to make some strategies quickly. You have to plan a good strategy which will help you to achieve targets. The maps depth is too much vast in PUBG Erangel and Miramar including the loot locations. But these locations are much dangerous, we are providing some of help guide below

Mylta Power

This is the first top level loot position, this is on the edge of the flight path. Especially in the green building at main and surroundings wherehouse you will get lot of looted weapons which is enough for a full squad. You can also get a vehicle reach first circle. 

Small Mylta Power

This is a small area in west of Mylta power area and one main building. This building have smaller number of weapons but more effective and powerful and better for squad as compare to solo and duo.

Military Base

You played lot of games of military operations but in this game you will find great images and smooth sytems. In Military base if you are in flight path and expect to fight or die. It very best to walk and get vehicle to loot in peace, beware of bridge trolls (people may wait to kill new intruder) you can loot a best option /weapons in three U-shaped building but you have to do best to save yourself.

School and Hospital

In Schools and Hospital there is a large/huge amount of loot, but these have low at quality as compare to small Mylta power loot. School is the popular place for landing but you have low chances of life there, means you may killed by someone. The Hospital is a great edge to compare you range and kill opponent. Read: Pubg Beginner Guide

Prison, Bunker and Mansion

There is a trinity of good sized places to loot which is enough for a full squad, although it’s heavily disputed during the flight path. You have to make a good decision to overcome the situation.

Georgopol crates

There is some large crates from north of the mountains and south side river and nearby surrounding warehouses, these crates have large number of very high quality loot, but are disputed and difficult to reach from plane. It’s better to land nearby the river and drive from there as combat, although it’s tricky, but during all this you should beware as you are exposed.Read more

Large Towns

There are several towns like Novoreponye, Lipovka, Rozhok, Pochinki, Yasnaya Polyana, Georgopol, Primorsk, and Severny all these have great places and loot options. But lookout from warehouses, cafes and restaurants and churches, these places are dangerous with a high quality loot options.

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