Miramar Map Location and best Strategies

In every map in PUBG Mobile PC, the start location must be at best point. Every match depends upon the situation and the player strategy. You will find number of things which you need like loot, safety option weapons etc. In this section we will cover the best loot locations, for Miramar and Erangel Map locations, quantity, risky option, dangerous zone, and best places.

Best Locations and drop areas in Miramar Map


This is a best place for loot in the game. But remember wherever the loot option are heavy position risk will be heavy too. This location is very popular as its visibility is very clear at right in the corner of map. When the plane path is quite far away from this location you can achieve your target in this section by landing close landing. You can arrive here by using vehicle. But you have to quickly go back to safety zone.


This is small complex overflowing with lot of loot, but here is so risky option as other players are also there in. This is also similar to Erangel’s School. This location is very dangerous even if your path is far from here but survival in this location is too much difficult. If you survived in this location you will be a best player.

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This is lesser known gem, Ladrilleria normally has great equipment for one or two player. Sometimes you can get M416s and lever 2 weapons, sometime you can get Winchesters, depends upon your luck. This is also close to and large town and some warehouses through you can get a great progress you needed.

Casino at Pecado

As you see the Erangel map Hospital, which have lot of loot and weapon in heavy amount. Pecado Casino is same like that hospital. This is a single building fully loaded with top great weapons and gears. It’s very central point like Hacienda, and it’s the signal of danger. This is the place of parachute drop and most of players start from here, that’s why be safe you may be killed by someone.

Military Camp

This is very rarely in range of drop position as its in top-right of the map and may be leads you to stuck right at the end of the map to the safe zone. This is full of great gear and loot. This is best place for squad player as its so wide location. You can afford to spread your squad easily.

Minas Generales

This is quite close to dangerous areas like Hacienda and Pecado Casino, which means you may killed at any time. This is also bit like Ladrilleria and a dense with other players. This location have lot of loot option like machinery structures and level 2 rated weapons. This place is also good for squad level players as they can spread out. 

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