Miramar Map Strategies (PUBG Mobile PC)

As compare to Erangel locations, Miramar map has pretty and better locations, which covers and protect you than trees, in Erangel. Tree might save you but in trees you may be killed by someone. In this location you can see so far and clearly when you tress pass from these way.

Miramar’s location in size actually the same size as Erangel, some players think that it’s different from Erangel but it’s an 8×8 grid of large square including each large square equaling one KM.

Strategies of Miramar in PUBG

  • Miramar map allows you some extra time  for getting and remain busy around the desert. There are no vehicle or still hard to find and off-road navigation is much harder with bumpy and awkward terrain and in that terrain and bumpy vehicle can be stuck. So, you should use pedestrian technique to avoid such things. 
  • There is sufficient natural cover on Miramar PUBG in bumpy places, mounds and small hills which are very awful for driving but very helpful for gorilla type actions like ducking and diving between one places to another, instead sight lines are very open. You should avoid from move on open areas surrounded by hill or terrains, you might be killed. 
Miramar Map
  • You can get a rough distance of 1 or 2 Km /squares when you drop form plane. It depend on your parachute that how high your parachute is open. Information regarding the parachuting will give in Vikendi map on PC. You can glide your parachute by holding control through which you can keep yourself higher in the air, if you want to make speed a shift will work there and it will considerably reduce your distance.
  • You have to jump perfectly in line means when plane is perfectly at right angle and on your required location. A best choose location will help you a best start and less your distance.
  • If you want to cover distance at fast level, Press ‘W’ while looking straight and it will change when look up directly. In this way you can go forward quickly, rather than slow down.
  • After dropping from parachute in Miramar PUBG you will be at your max speed i.e. 234 mph when your parachute opens. You have to observe the ground down and hold W and hold shift while your parachute is opening.
  • You can swing further when your parachute opens and can use glide without glide options. You can do swung all the way back with W key and release to move forward and press again W when you are at max distance, you can forward and swing do repeat.
  • Best approach is to choose a best map location with a big chance to get vehicle and being away from any conflict. Making journey in the vehicle will safely approach you a great loot location in the map and there will be less chances to being killed by enemies. In this way you can spend some time i.e. 5 to 7 minutes to collect some loot and remain safe in Blue ring and then you can reach white circle the safe zone.
  • A mini map bar will help you to judge that you are how far from the loot place. Timer will show how much time you spend in blue circle, when blue bar fills up you will be closer to white circle; a running white man will show how far you are from white circle. Gray color man at right will shows that you are already in safe zone.

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