Modes Of PUBG
There are two types of perspective modes for PUBG Mobile PC game First Person Perspective (FFP) and the Third Person Perspective (TPP). There are two modes for each perspective in PUBG Mobile PC game. The Classic Mode and the Arcade mode.

Classic Mode

In classic mode of Mobile PUBG there are four maps to enjoy; these are as follow:

  • Erangel
  • Miramar
  • Sanhok
  • vekendi
Sanhok and vekendi are launched recently. In classic mode you have a full map to explore. It’s a big match of an average of 30 min match. You loot your favorite areas and also the air drops. Ghosh! I forgot to mention the air drops. In the PUBG mobile PC there are frequent air supplies dropped in.

These drops contains the rare weapons and some powerful weapons, which you don’t usually find in regular during the playing of PUBG Mobile.

 “As soon as the drops lands on the surface a red smoke is emitted. Player on sight of red smoke pace towards it to get those weapons before anybody else get that great options. So, it’s the major cause of enemies encounter as most player gather around the dropped in weapons.”  

Weapons in Air drop
In PUBG game, there are several types of weapons in Air drop box some of them are as under: AWM (Sniper), M 249 (Machine Gun) and Ghillie suit (an outfit to blend in with grass and avoid being spotted) are main temptation for the players. There are also vehicles to wonder around such as jeeps, buggies, bikes, boats and snow bikes (only in vekendi PUBG Mobile)

Arcade Modes:

In arcade mode of PUBG mobile game you provided a close play zone from the beginning for more intense gaming experience. There is plentyof loot and the areas become easily situated with well equipped soldiers in a moment. It’s a short match of PUBG Mobile, which may be ends in 5 minutes. In arcade mode you can have further choice of war mode, mini zone, sniper training, quick match. In war mode players are already equipped with specific weapons which are same for all and there is no loot. Mini zone is an intense version of classic mode. Sniper train mode has only snipers and pistols. Quick match is just like mini zone but its short and only some particular weapons are available.

Custom Rooms:

Players can also enjoy there custom match in which you can choose maps to pay, limit the weapons and there upgrades, select the perspective and play with friends only. As it has an ID and password so only the people knowing that ID can join this match. Its really fun to play with the player you know.