Pubg Erangel Map Guide 2019

When you off load from the plane you will see some Maps in PUBG Mobile PC. You will see first map, which is not small and you will feel like natural place, the universal/pervasive design of the building, trees, roads and rolling battleground and easy enough to get lost in the map. 

It is very necessary to find  a bet landing location for playing your game, and finding the best vehicle location and find a safe zone and best place to start PUBG Mobile Map.

Explanation of PUBG Mobile Erangel

The map of Erangel PUBG Mobile PC is had a very typical maps, which have so many complicated situations but it’s very useful and required necessarily. As to start the specific strategies, here are some keys for map in PUBG Mobile PC.

PUBG Map Keys

  • There are some square and each large circle present 1 Kilometre, and each small circle in pubg maps is within 100 meters, which mean the land mass of actual itself is about 6km.
  • The map is very complicated but there one or two structure are don’t show and some notable complex and the underground bunker which will found in the sixth square from the left, (you can press F4 for cartographers, it will help you. 
  • Each area have different spawn rates of weapons, vehicls, and loot options. Many player already know about these areas but remember you have to choose a guaranteed a better quality loot location and plan your strategy accordingly.
  • There are some best locations which spawn had a high amount of loot-spawning. In PUBG Erangel map there a loot options and location with high amount of guns and weapons. But it is prioritized if you land one of these high risk area. 
  • Glide is a great option. You can make glide around 1.25 Km, which is a large square from the plane flight path. This is the randomized position of direction from the point where your parachute automatically trigger, these techniques are introduced in 2018. Player can control to extend the control to glide, slow or over long distance. You can also read Pubg Beginner Guide for understand more about the game.
  • To coordinate a team or keeping your track at your personal target to reach destination some markers can be dropped on the map with Right Mouse-Button. If you want to use more precise direction you should use compass, it is very interesting point if we work with team locations.  

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