PUBG, the Game of Unknown Battle Ground (Beginner Guide)

There are several games of Battle and gun fight and you may enjoyed a lot. Now a days a most famous and a best Battle game “Player Unknown’s Battle Ground” PUBG is reaching and breaking world record of Playing games. PUBG is pretty simple and very easy battle ground it’s a much deeper game than the player thinks. It’s about to survive.   I am presenting some tips and tricks for survive and being alive till the end of game. 

How Battleground works in PUBG

PUBG steam have so many tips and tricks to survive and play game for enjoying for lot of time and spent your leisure time with great achievements. If you are new and starting game just now, its very easy to approach PUBG matches.

In PUBG aim is to survive and it’s not your typical shooter. In fact, you need to adopt a situation in which you should not be killed and your survival is the point to win. You can win to adopt strategy to kill others and a usual shooter will survive as not to get the most kills.

PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds

PUBg PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds  players who have highest ranking and aiming to compete upcoming tournaments simply rely on boring stealth strategies, which means to hide in some spaces like offshore on boats, or building vacant and bridges near the target.  But is most risky option, and you may killed by someone else.

In Combat, for starter it is a great practice. PUBg has a combat mechanics, which makes a massive difference to how many final situations. Like mid-game kills is a great way to gear passable to excellent way. It is better to you should hide in a bush, which will make you convenient to kills and make a gorilla war to kills other opponents. The bush hide also provide a chance to know how to shoot the person who found you.

Here are some game flow information for your help in start

When game will start you will spawn in plane, you have to choose for dropping on some place on land to start your mission. PUBg steam 2019 have best loot location on Erangel and Miramar, but you have to avoid the high populated and traffic areas like major towns and cities and search some safe space to loot some weapons and equipment for you.

After that when you set up run from the loot location before the electrical field starts getting closed. This is in case of when you going where the white circle starts. You have to find safe points to rest, loot and defend yourself until the countdown of players is reached at last 10 or 15 players. Read more about Pubg Erangel Map guide.

In the meantime, when players are left on low numbers like 10 or 15 as mentioned above, most of the player go out form the window, now you can apply the safety strategies and hopfully that’s the final part which is most handy and useful. You can find most of useful weapons, stuff for early and mid-game.

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